Tencent’s plan for WeChat’s 2018 Lunar New Year campaign

Tencent and WeChat’s campaign and activations for the 2018 Lunar New Year Campaign in Australia includes Digital Red Packets (Hongbao) and WeChat Pay Coupons.

Digital Red Packets: a new tradition

Traditionally, Hongbao (红包), or more commonly known in the Western world as Red Packets, contain small amounts of money, usually gifted to children, family members and friends as a token of best wishes and blessings. These are gifted during key Chinese celebrations, especially the Lunar New Year holiday. And thanks to leading tech companies, they’ve now gone digital.

14.2 billion digital Red Packets were exchanged over WeChat in conjunction with 2017 Lunar New Year, a whopping 75.7% increase from 2016 when a meager 8 billion digital Red Packets were sent during the same holiday. This is an amazing feat and success considering WeChat only rolled out the feature in 2014, barely 4 years ago. Users will need to activate and enable WeChat Pay to send and receive Digital Red Packets.

WeChat’s 2018 Lunar New Year Red Packet campaign in Australia

Tencent has been really smart with this development and has introduced a 2018 Lunar New Year Red Packet campaign to encourage Australian consumer spending during this season, by funding a spend campaign that benefits both WeChat Pay Users and WeChat Pay merchants.

How does it work?

Din Tai Fung displaying CNPay’s banner at their Chatswood store in Sydney for the 2017 Christmas WeChat campaign.
Din Tai Fung displaying CNPay’s banner at their Chatswood store in Sydney for the 2017 Christmas WeChat campaign.


A QR code for this campaign will be delivered to participating merchants and will be displayed in store for the month of February. Any WeChat user (yes – even if they have not transacted or bought anything) can scan the QR code and be gifted instantly with a Red Packet from WeChat directly. The amount in each Red Packet is random, and WeChat Users will receive amounts up to 2018RMB (as of 24th January 2018, an AU$ equivalent of $393.89).

WeChat Users have to use the gifted Red Packet within 3 days (please refer to WeChat for more T&Cs) and can only use it for transactions above the gifted amount. Each user can claim an unlimited amount of Red Packets during the campaign period of 1st February 2018 – 28th February 2018, but can only claim a new Red Packet after they use the existing Red Packet. Effectively, one user can only hold on to one Red Packet at any one time, and can only scan for a new Red Packet when the previous one has been used.

This last fact is crucial to this campaign for one reason: this drives spend within the Australian market.

WeChat Pay making waves in Australia

WeChat Pay is still in its infancy in Australia, and it is already making waves as the way forward with not only the inbound Chinese market, but also to capture the local Chinese-speaking market, and companies looking to leverage on WeChat’s growing global dominance. According to Tourism Australia, for the year ending 30th September 2017, there were 1.325 million Chinese visitors to Australia, spending a total of AU$10.3 billion, or an average of AU$7,770 per Chinese visitor.

The 2018 Lunar New Year WeChat campaign is the second year it’s been implemented, with 100 million RMB worth to be gifted out in Australia during the 2018 Lunar New Year WeChat campaign. Tencent and WeChat have pinpointed Australia as a key growth market for them, and are heavily investing in this market. In 2017, Tencent hosted WeChat Connect Conferences in Sydney and Melbourne, and also partnered with Tourism Australia and Destination NSW to launch the Experience Sydney Mini Program for inbound tourists.

The Australia China Business Council estimates the number of Chinese tourists coming to Australia is expected to nearly triple to 3.3million a year by 2026, a number in which Tourism Australia says we will exceed. There are an estimated 2.5 million WeChat Users in Australia, and WeChat has ambitious plans to increase this number significantly whilst servicing the inbound Chinese tourists with all their payment and communication needs in Australia.

Note: This campaign is only for participating Australian brick and mortar businesses. CNPay will be in contact with participating merchants.

WeChat’s 2018 Lunar New Year Coupon campaign in Australia

Tencent is also implementing a separate campaign to drive spend with Australian WeChat Pay merchants, during the key Lunar New Year trading period of 1st February 2018 to 28th February 2018.

Users will receive coupons of 80RMB (as of 24th January 2018, an AU$ equivalent of $15.63) for every WeChat Pay transaction with participating merchants above 800RMB. This 80RMB coupon will automatically be used in the next WeChat Pay transaction over 300RMB.

WeChat Users can receive a maximum of 3 coupons each during the campaign period (please refer to WeChat for more T&Cs).

The benefit of WeChat’s Lunar New Year Campaign

WeChat is investing heavily in the Australian market to drive spend during the key trading period of Lunar New Year with two campaigns:

  • 2018 Lunar New Year Red Packet campaign
  • 2018 Lunar New Year Coupon campaign

WeChat Users can benefit by participating in both campaigns and gain more value, just simply by using WeChat Pay. And whilst the Lunar New Year campaigns tend to be large, it isn’t the only activation or campaign that WeChat is implementing throughout the year. That is far from the truth. WeChat has multiple layers of activations and campaigns throughout the year, a key benefit and reason why Users choose to pay via WeChat Pay.

Participating CNPay merchants can leverage on WeChat’s Lunar New Year campaign to drive traffic, encourage spending, drive incremental sales for your business. Our team will help install all required QR codes for these Lunar New Year campaigns and your business can benefit from WeChat’s marketing prowess and investment. Lunar New Year celebrations last for 15 days – from the 16th February until the 2nd of March 2018, making this the longest holiday in the Chinese Calendar.

Tencent and WeChat demonstrated once again that they place the User’s needs at the forefront of everything that they do, and we can see how the powerhouse have gained global traction and attention for their initiatives.

Market your business and be Chinese-ready with CNPay. To find out how you can enable WeChat Pay for your business, contact us.