Analytical Reports

WeChat Analytical Reports are designed to improve the value of their products and services to your business.
Allowing merchants to make the most of WeChat payments, their WeChat official account and other intelligent features.

And rest assured, all analysis is performed with full security providing you and your business the highest level of privacy.

You can use all these analytic tools to identify all the useful data within your WeChat official platform.
Including number of posts, the rise and fall of your followers, number of viewers per post, number of shared articles, etc.
Giving merchants more chances to improve their results on the platform and grow their following and brand.


This data can also be used to create many different kinds of graphs in response to the needs of the user.
For example, a line graph can show the number of viewers for each article posted over time while also indicating the number of article clicks.

Merchants with WeChat links to their online shops can see how many customers are interested in each of their products
and this can assist in rearranging their product list for even better sales.

Analytical Reports are an effective marketing tool that can help bring you official Wechat followers, enhance your brand credibility,
bring you new customers and help develop loyalty with those you already have.