CNPay partners with AuMake International Ltd

Recently CNPay successfully assisted AuMake International Limited with their initial share offering. Cleverly using WeChat’s “Shake-Shake” and WeCheckIn™ platforms, we helped the company successfully launch their company to the Australian public with great success.

AuMake International was established on the 31st of April 2014 in Sydney, Australia. They were the first Daigou retailer to transform into a company structure and have now become the first Daigou company to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

At the launch event, the Executive Chairman of AuMake International, Keong Chan, and their CEO, Joshua Zhou, both delivered very powerful speeches which clearly stated their ambitious growth and development plans for the future decade and beyond.

They also indicated that AuMake International will run many more marketing events in order to increase their brand credibility within the Australian market and also the Chinese market. Their key objective being to gain the trust of many more customers.

And CNPay is more than proud to say that AuMake International are keen to continue to partner with us for technological support and innovative services in order to achieve their lofty goals.

Early this year, CNPay start providing our WeChat payment solution to AuMake International allowing them to grow significantly. Faster than ever before. In fact, their sales via our WeChat payment solution now accounts for almost 60% of their total sales revenue from their five retail stores.

During the IPO launch event, we helped AuMake International by using WeCheckIn™ as a registration form. Users’ registered by entering their registered email or contact number. When their status showed as “Registered”, the system then assigned them to a designated table. Making it a very high-tech experience – befitting of a new-world company.

The other popular activity on the night came via “Shake-Shake”, a digital version of instant “scratchie” (raffle ticket). Guests simply shook their phones in order to recieve their ticket then used the touch screen to “scratch” it open and reveal any possible prize. This innovative “lucky door prize” mechanic definitely helped create a memorable atmosphere and a high level of guests engagement which is sure to be remembered and connected to the AuMake International brand.