E-Commerce Integration

The worldwide popularity of online shopping continues to grow. Extremely quickly. So much so that in June 2017, the number of online shoppers was estimated to be more than 1.66 billion.
Whatever the category, from bargain-basement clothing right up to the most expensive luxury items imaginable, the power of E-Commerce simply cannot be ignored.
The good news is that CNPay, using the very latest technology and tactics, can help transition a physical retail store into a new-world online retailer in no time at all.
You see, not only does CNPay provide innovative QR code payment systems for physical retail stores, our specialists can also integrate our WeChat payment systems into each vendors’ website – or even their mobile app – via our fully customisable and easy-to-use API code.
It’s simple, fast and highly effective.

After this E-Commerce integration is complete, millions of WeChat users from all over the world can then use their phone to purchase goods using WeChat Pay or any other of the multiple payment methods available.
And, as we all know, easy payments for the customer means more money for the retailer.