POS Terminals

The meteoric rise of Offline-to-Online commerce (known as ‘O2O’) has shifted the way Chinese consumers shop. As such, mobile phone payments have become more popular than ever.
And leading the way is WeChat Pay.

So in order to keep pace with this shift in consumer behaviour, smart merchants around the world have also made changes to take advantage of this growing payment trend.

Within Australia, we’re thrilled to say that many retailers have turned to CNPay for help with mobile payments. Using our Smart Point-of-Sale terminals, the vendor can generate a unique transaction QR Code (according to the WeChat Payment Protocol) allowing their WeChat customer to then simply scan the QR Code within their WeChat app in order to complete the payment.

Our Smart Point-of-Sale terminals support 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and iBeacon. While the built-in high speed printer can print receipts at anytime and anywhere.
As a result, our innovative POS terminals can bring us better experience on handling WeChat Cashless Payment.