WeChat Mini Programs

Mini programs are cloud-based embedded apps within WeChat. Apps within an app, if you will.
Great for users because they don’t need to install as many apps on their mobile phone, thus saving them a lot of phone storage. Plus they also don’t ever need to worry about missing or reinstalling apps whenever they change their phones since the mini programs remain connected to their WeChat accounts.

Rather than downloading them from a secondary app store or other website, WeChat users access mini programs either by simply searching within the main program, scanning a QR code or receiving an update within their chats. It optimises the users’ experience because they never waste time waiting for app installation or switching in and out of WeChat.

CNPay is proud to announce that we can now provide these services to all Australian merchants. Fully customising the functionality to each specific request. Efficiently and cost-effectively. Thus making it easier to become even closer to your customers.

Using our technology and expertise, you’ll find Mini programs quite easy to develop and implement. We recommend first trialling a beta-version in order to test the market viability (thus avoiding a large investment) then refining the Mini app, based on customer feedback, before releasing the full version to the massive WeChat user base.

Mini programs continue to be very popular with WeChat users covering almost every necessity of daily life like transportation, food and fine dining, time management, video viewing, photography, online shopping and many more.