QR Code Payments

So easy for consumers. Even easier for merchants.

CNPay can get merchants up and running with WeChat payments very quickly using our clever API and unique QR Code system.
Merchants simply display their QR code at the point of sale in-store (or online) which customers then scan using their WeChat App.
The merchant then enters the payment amount, the customers checks this and enters their PIN number.
And – voila!
The transaction is complete.

Better still, while the customer pays in their own currency (for example, RMB)
the merchant receives Australian dollars in his or her bank account.
WeChat (and CNPay) does the currency exchange automatically.
Plus – there is NO FEE applied!

STEP 1 – The Customer Scans the QR Code

STEP 2 – The Merchant Enters the Payment Amount (in AUD$)

STEP 3 – The Customer Enters Their PIN Number

The purchase amount is automatically converted from Australian dollars into the customer’s currency (RMB, for example) and this is shown on the screen before they accept the payment by entering their PIN number.
The exchange rate used is a live rate which is constantly updated and can be seen on the users’ screen as well as the surcharge rate (optional).

STEP 4 – The Digital Receipt is Generated

The customer will receive a digital receipt straight after the payment goes through.
WeChat wallet will simultaneously also push a payment notification to the merchant as a copy of receipt.