"Shake-Shake" - Online to Offline Interaction

"Shake-Shake" - Online to Offline Interaction

“Shake-Shake” is a clever, fun and unique WeChat function that allows retailers to run virtual promotions or send notifications of offers to WeChat users via their mobile phones.

For example, you can use “Shake-Shake” to run a virtual raffle or ‘chance-to-win’ promotion within a shopping centre. You can use it to send gift vouchers or discount offers direct to customers as whenever they are in the vicinity of your store. Or send push notifications to people’s phones with invitations to visit their stand and receive a special surprise when they are attending a promotional event, exhibition or conference. It can even be used to send lucky red packets during Chinese New Year or other festivals.

It works via our iBeacon application protocol, allowing retail stores and other companies to link directly to their customers (and potential customers) via Bluetooth.

The customer simply shakes their phone to activate the application and receive any offers nearby. Any discount offers or tickets can be saved for later use. While virtual money and gift vouchers can be saved in their E-wallet and used whenever they deem fit.
“Shake-Shake” is another great way CNPay can help drive customers towards merchants thus increasing their foot-traffic and revenues.

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