WeCheckIn™ allows WeChat users to locate each other and lets them update their friends as to where they are hanging out, shopping or dining. (Like FourSquare.)

As a business owner, it can also be used as a wonderful marketing tool. Giving merchants and other businesses a wonderful opportunity to alert potential customers as to special products, discover offers or other reasons to spend more time – and money – with you.

In technical terms, WeCheckIn™ is a Location Base Service (LBS) plug-in for WeChat that allows users to “check-in” at any given point. Like your shop or business.

The WeChat user then invariably alerts their friends to their whereabouts helping promote your business and brand for free.

WeCheckIn™ can also be connected to LED screens to show live user interactions. This can be used to conduct live surveys, games and other entertainment, plus audience interactions within the venue.



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